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Singing Sicilian Sister Wows Italy with Alicia Keys’ No One

Sister Cristina Scuccia wowed Italians with her rendition of the Alicia Keys song, “No one” on Italian talent show, the Voice of Italy. The YouTube video of Italy’s singing sister has attracted over 28 million views.

Sister Scuccia, 25, literally stunned judges who were even more stupefied to discover the impressive voice they were hearing belonged to none other than a nun. Her voice caused the judges, numbering some of Italy’s best known pop singers, to swivel in their seats.

Here’s Sister Scuccia doing her stunning stuff, which is worth watching not only for the singing nun, but also for the stunned reaction of the talent show judges who were initially unable to see who was singing.

Sister Cristina Scuccia sings Alicia Keys “No one”


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Will Sister Cristina become the new Madonna? Who knows? She does have quite an angelic voice though.

If this particular sister goes into show business, she’ll have to watch out she doesn’t develop any bad habits.




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