Simona Ventura Italian TV Icon

This lady is a star of Italian TV.  Simona Ventura gets paid lots to do sophisticated stuff such as Isola Dei Famosi, the Italian version of fated UK reality show Celebrity Love Island.

Ventura pretty much sums up the outstanding quality contemporary Italian TV.

Here is a little video of Ms Ventura awash with her not so natural, apparently, assets while she entertains Italian TV audiences.

I suspect this video will suddenly become unavailable on YouTube, so catch it while you can.  If you really must, that is:

Simona Ventura Sexy Car Wash (extended edition)


It’s a shame really that if Beppe Grillo’s current mad scheme comes to fruition and he manages to take over Berlusconi’s Mediaset, classic TV performances such as those put on by Simona Ventura, albeit on Italy’s public TV RAI channel, may cease to exist.

How sad.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve no objection to seeing good looking women on TV, it’s just that there is not much else on the TV here.

By the way, I know someone who is learning Italian at the moment, Eva.  I suggested that she watch Italian TV to develop her comprehension skills, but she did not sound over enthusiastic.  She had already seen the TV in Italy and had not found it overly impressive…

Go for it Beppe!

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