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Berlusconi Fan Club Celebrated Berlusconi’s Conviction!

Recently in Italy, an odd little group of Berlusconi fans called Silvio’s Army – L’esercito di Silvio – appeared on the scene.

This, somewhat small, group of Italians don’t really understand Italian, it seems, for when the Berlusconi Mediaset tax fraud conviction was announced yesterday, they thought their idol had been let off! They celebrated. They got it all wrong though.

For a second, it looked as if this, small, group of Berlusconi fans were celebrating the conviction of Berlusconi!

Someone caught the 20 or so ‘soldiers’ in Silvio’s Army at the exact point when they misunderstood their own language!

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Eventually, they did realize their mistake. Now, this less than crack team of soldiers will have to come to terms with the fact that their idol is no more than a common criminal.

Such is the caliber of Berlusconi supporters. Maybe this is why Berlusconi’s PdL party never managed to reform Italy – the poor things simply do not understand Italian!

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