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Short Post One – Nuclear Italy

Nuclear Power Plant

After the Japan disaster, Italy has become a very confusing place on the issue of whether or not to stick nuclear power plants all over the Living Museum.

Initial official reaction after disaster in Japan:

  • We’re forging ahead with Italy’s nuclear plans regardless.

Subsequent official reaction:

  • Maybe we’ll think about forging ahead with popping nuclear power plants all over Italy before we do.

Following official reaction:

  • We’re not going to build nuclear plants in Italy.

The next official reaction:

  • We’re only thinking about not starting to build nuclear power plants in Italy for a year or so.
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Further official reaction:

  • We’re going to build nuclear power plants in Italy regardless.

Latest official reaction:

  • Berlusconi: We only said we were not going to build nuclear power plants in Italy to avoid the planned referendum on the issue.

Future official reaction:


Confusing, isn’t it?

Will Italy go nuclear? Who knows, but one hopes it does not – at least until the age-old organised crime problem has been wiped out – like some time in the next millennium or so.

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