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Seven Things to See and Do on Lake Garda – Part Two

Lake Garda offers visitors spectacular views

Here’s the second part of Lorenza’s trip to Lake Garda in Italy in which she offers her final three tips on what to see and do there…

5. Visit Lemony Limone on Lake Garda

A leisurely boat ride up the shoreline to Limone is a lovely way to enjoy the scenery on the lake as the boat stops off at several other little harbour towns along the way. Limone is all about citrus fruit production. Climb up to the lemon terraces to enjoy the sweeping views across the water and maybe indulge in a little limoncello on the way.

Limone on Lake Garda
Limone on Lake Garda

Limone sits towards the north of the west bank, where Lake Garda thins out and you crane your neck upwards to the towering cliffs behind.

Lemon terraces in Limone on Garda
Lemon terraces in Limone on Garda

The scent up in the lemon groves of the museum (La Limonaia del Castel) is divine, as rosemary and jasmine mingle with the fruity citrus aroma emanating from the terraces. (www.visitlimonesulgarda.com)

6. Enjoy a cooking lesson at Le Gemme di Artemisia

On the east side of the lake, at Albisano di Torri del Benaco, I visited Andrea and Lara at their beautiful restaurant and cooking school, Le Gemme di Artemisia, Atelier del Gusto (www.legemmediartemisia.it) Andrea is a well-travelled and experienced chef, and he’s around between March and the beginning of November for cooking lessons on the lake.

Lorenza Cooking with Andrea
Lorenza Cooking with Andrea

I enjoyed a morning learning how to make pizza dough, ravioli, and even proper egg pasta which we cut into spaghetti and various other shapes.

Lorenza producing fresh pasta
Lorenza producing fresh pasta

The location is utterly charming with sweeping lake views, (quite distracting when you’re trying to learn about pasta!) and Andrea and Lara are also utterly charming. They can tailor make cooking lessons based on your needs and ability, from very basic to very advanced, from just one morning to a few days. You get a recipe folder and a certificate at the end of it and a CD of photos as a memento of your successes (or failings as in my case!). If you’d like to stay nearby, Lara’s parents have a bed and breakfast a 10 minute walk away. It’s only for two people at the most, so just email Lara at “legemmediartemisia at gmail dot com” for more information.

7. Get married in Malcesine?

Further up the lake on the east side there is the picturesque town of Malcesine. You can ski here in the winter, go walking and paragliding, or take the Monte Baldo cable car ride that connects medieval Malcesine to the top of the mount. The cable car has got a rotating cabin, and as you fly over olive groves you’ll enjoy stunning views of the dark blue satiny lake on your way up to the mountain flora and fauna in the Garden of Europe that lies at the top.

Lake Garda offers visitors spectacular views
Lake Garda offers visitors spectacular views

At a height of 1800m, you can relax on the terrace overlooking the lake…and, if you are considering tying the knot, you could plan your wedding! The Scaligero di Malcesine castle can be hired out for weddings, and if you decide to have this as your romantic wedding location, then Anna and Sarah from Italian Lakes Weddings can organise everything for you.

Malcesine Castle, Lake Garda
Malcesine Castle on Lake Garda can be hired for weddings

See www.italianlakesweddings.com or email them at info at italianlakesweddings dot com. Anna says she will bend over backwards to ensure your special day is really, well, special. The castle is a fabulously romantic setting that offers great photo opportunities…for exceedingly memorable wedding photos!

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Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

Editors note: As you may imagine, Lake Garda has many more than seven attractions: the towns of Desenzano del Garda and Sirmione are also well worth a look. Lake Garda also makes an excellent base for exploring northern Italy. Venice is not far away and in the opposite direction there’s Brescia, Bergamo and Milan which is hosting the 2015 World Expo.

As well as Venice to the east of Garda, there’s the spectacular Dolomite mountains and don’t miss out on Italy’s prosecco zone either.

If you missed part one of Lorenza’s mini Garda guide, it’s here: Seven Things to See and Do on Lake Garda – Part One


Lorenza’s trip to Lake Garda was organised courtesy of Selective Travel Abroad, a tour company specialising in Italy’s Verona and Lake Garda areas.

Flights to Bergamo airport courtesy of Thomson Lakes and Mountains

By Lorenza Bacino.

All photographs by Lorenza Bacino except the ones of Lorenza.

Lorenza Bacino
Lorenza Bacino

Lorenza Bacino is a London-based freelance features writer.

She still loves Italy despite her hair raising balloon ride in Turin and can’t wait to go back for more.

You can read more of her published work at Cuttings.me

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