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September in Milan

September here is a wonderful month here in Milan, even if it signifies the end of the holiday season. You get hot days with cool nights, which makes surviving the days much easier. There is a higher chance of rain, but it still does not rain as much as it does back in the UK. I'm still wandering around in shorts and linen clothes and my dear overused PC still needs the fan blown at it to help it keep its cool.

Things seem to be more relaxed here in September, too. I suppose this is the post holiday effect. Everyone is still feeling good about wherever they went or whatever they got up to on holiday. Most people are good and relaxed, although a little post holiday depression also contributes to the slightly slower than normal pace of life during this month.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

It would be a great time to come and visit Italy too. The hotels will have special offers and finding a room should be much less of a problem than it was in August, too. Some Italians are also wise to the fact that September is a much better time of the year to holiday in and the widespread installation of air conditioning is starting to make the prospect of working through the heat of August just a little bit more palatable. However, as long as there are school holidays in August, this month will remain the holiday month of choice for all those with offspring. The August heat will also continue to be a major factor, at least until the global warming effect or whatever comes into play. Some may say that the climate is already changing and many have been commenting on the lack of sun in August here.

On the whole though, I like September a lot.

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