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See The Art of Van Dyck and Rubens in Turin for Free

Here’s a little insider travel tip for you: If you are a lover of fine art and visit the elegant Via Accademia delle Scienze section of Turin’s Carignano Palace, opt for the free guided tour, and you will be in for a special treat. How about coming face to face with several of the priceless works of Anthony Van Dyck and Rubens?

There are other spectacular works of art to be seen too – I know, I did the tour yesterday. I was stunned t0 be able to see such incredible works of art on this little-known tour.

These incredible works art are on loan to Carignano Palace from Turin’s Sabauda Gallery.

How can you book a tour?

Well, what you have to do is to visit the small office to the right of the Via Accademia delle Scienze entrance to Carignano Palace (opposite the Del Cambio restaurant). You will be told the time of the next tour, which, as I mentioned before, is free. Note: Don’t go to the Piazza Carlo Alberto entrance to Carignano Palace as this is the entrance to the Museum of the Renaissance and the two buildings while joined, are separately run.


The art of Van Dyck and Rubens won’t stay at Carignano Palace forever. If you are in Turin in the near future, I’d recommend doing this 40 minute tour.

Portrait of the Children of Charles I of England
On Display in Turin – Portrait of the Children of Charles I of England – Anthony Van Dyck
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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

The gentleman who acted as our tour-guide speaks French and English, plus, of course, Italian and, as well as seeing the works of art, golden rooms and a golden bed, you will learn how Carignano Palace was once the seat of Italy’s parliament.

After your tour, or even before, you could also visit Turin’s Museum of the Renaissance which is housed in the area of Carignano Palace which overlooks Piazza Carlo Alberto.

A short walk away from Carignano Palace lies Turin’s fascinating Egyptian Museum which is also well worth visiting.

The Via Accademia delle Scienze area of Turin is a great place for culture vultures and art lovers.

Book that Long Weekend in Turin!

There you go, a little something to add more value to your long weekend in Turin – an often overlooked Italian city which is definitely worth spending some time in.

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