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Scottish/Italian Sunday lunch

Yes, I suppose mixing Scottish and Italian food is a bit odd, but that’s what we did today in sunny Milan when we finally got round to opening the tinned haggis which I had got from Alessandro the landlord of the 442 pub.

Now, as some may know, haggis is traditionally served with mashed potato and turnips, but not having the turnips, nor a potato masher, we resorted to the Italian purè as an acceptable alternative to mash. Our purè had cheese and ham mixed in, on the off-chance that out little one would not be a haggis fan.

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While my other half found the haggis a bit odd, I thought it was fine, and it went very well with the purè. My other half went one better and started to eat her potion of haggis with Brie – which, I imagine, is not something that is done every day! Scottish purists may well have a minor heart attack upon hearing such sacrilege. However, I’m about to suggest something that the Scots would probably lynch me for, that is: How about trying haggis with polenta? I think the two would go together rather well, and would certainly make for a hearty winter repast.

Oh, and our little four year old earthquake would not even try the haggis, Brie or not. But, then again I think it would be true to say that haggis does not really have the most appetizing appearance. Still, I shall be asking Alessandro for another tin of haggis, in order that I can see what it is like with polenta. Talk about fusion cuisine.

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