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Say Hi to Frankensconi

Silvio Berlusconi is having a very hard time of it. He’s been convicted of a sex crime, abuse of office and tax fraud. Berlusconi’s lawyers have told the great communicator it’s better if he avoids speaking in public. Other convictions may be incoming which means his political career may well soon be over.

Less than 400 of his fans turned up at a rally outside his Milan villa yesterday and poor Silvio could only make a brief, virtually silent appearance. Times are really becoming tough for the tanned media magnate turned politician.

What Berlusconi needs is a new look! A new body perhaps? Italian science has the answer Berlusconi has been looking for!

Italian neuroscientist, Dr. Sergio Canavero of the University of Turin, recently announced that head transplants may soon be reality.

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Will Silvio Berlusconi be one of the first customers of this extreme form of plastic surgery in a last ditch attempt to boost his flagging political career? Maybe and here’s what Frankensconi could look like after head transplant surgery:

Meet post head transplant Berlusconi – Frankensconi

I sincerely hope that the photo did not cause one to bring up one’s lunch 😉

Photo credits:

Torso down section, bodybuilder Lukáš Osladil by pan Martin Jebas. Head part, by www.la-moncloa.es

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