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Sausage Tasting Invitation – Thursday the 8th of November, 442 pub, Milan, Italy

At the 442 pub, Via Procaccini, 61, Milan, on Thursday the 8th of November there will be a super sausage tasting from 7pm onwards. And the sausages in question won’t cost you a bean!

A trial run of bangers will be produced tomorrow, with the official taste test following the day after. Well, one needs to allow the subject sausages a night to relax and prepare themselves the big occasion, they will be the star attractions, after all. Soscar nominations anyone? (groan)

Here is a map showing where the 442 is, just in case you can’t muster up the energy to click on the link above (click on it for a clearer view):

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Stop reading, start speaking

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Map to 442

Yes, Blog from Italy is bringing the great British banger to Italy from this Thursday the 8th of November 2007.

Be there, or be square!

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