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Sausage Progress

With a little bit of luck a few bags of super sausage mix should arrive in Milan today. This means that I can ask the butcher to order the pork and sausage production can commence. The prospect is mouthwatering.

Once a few bangers have been made, they will be delivered to the 442 and an official sausage tasting will be held. If all goes according to plan, this event will take place at some time next week. I will admit to being on tenderhooks, after all, what happens if nobody likes the results of the sausage struggle? Yes, this is a slight worry, which is why a few different blends will be produced so that we can find out what everyone’s preferred sausage blend is.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

I’ve been spreading the word on the sausage front and quite a few people have said that they would like to come along to the sausage tasting. I’m almost thinking about running off a few invitations to this event. We’ll see.

This sausage story is completely new territory for me, but may make for an interesting, if rather difficult to explain, addition to my CV.

More news on the sausage tasting will follow, as will information about the launch of the 442’s full English breakfast – which will probably be launched at a special price of €10. For Milan, this is an exceptionally good price, as any of you who have been to the various brunches held around Milan will know.

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