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Sausage Production to Commence!

Yes, that’s right. The sausage mix arrived from the UK yesterday and next Wednesday I have an appointment with the butchers to start making those English style bangers in Milan.

This means that a sausage tasting will be held at the 442 on Wednesday or Thursday evening. And once the best blend has been identified, full scale sausage production for the 442 will start, and the 442 can begin to offer its full English Breakfast weekend menus.

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In addition, I hope, sausages will become a regular feature on the 442’s weekly menu, perhaps accompanied by the traditional chips and beans. Thus turning the 442 into a real haven for ex-pats in search of good sausages in Italy.

In addition to British banger fans, I’ve also met a number of Italians who prefer the British style banger to the traditional Italian sausage. So there is some hope for my aim of spreading English style sausages throughout Italy.

Updates to the continuing sausage saga will be coming soon!

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