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Sant’Eustachio Cafè – Legendary Italian Coffee

The Sant’Eustachio Cafè down in Rome is something of a legend. This mythical coffee house located in Piazza Sant’Eustachio should be something of a Mecca for all lovers of Italian coffee.

This famous cafe, in which you may find yourself rubbing shoulders with the odd Italian senator or two, is to be found in front of the Italian Senate building, which in turn is pretty close to Piazza Navona and the historic Pantheon.

Most people who visit Rome end up in one or both of these places, so you can add to the Roman holiday atmosphere by popping in for a coffee. Next time I find myself in the Eternal City, I certainly shall head for this place, being as I am, a lover of Italian coffee.

The coffee they produce, and which is consumed on the premises, is also available for export throughout the world. And orders can be made via an email from the cafe’s website.

Here is where you can find this legendary Italian coffee house: Map and Address of the Sant’Eustachio Cafe.

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The website is well worth a look too.

Sant’Eustachio’s famous coffee in the USA

For those of you desperate for Italian coffee, but lucky enough to be in the USA, Sant’Eustachio’s famous coffee can be ordered directly from the appropriately named ‘Gustiamo.com‘ site.

This coffee is by no means cheap, but then the best things in life never are.


By the way, a real Roman has already written about this place in his ‘Best Espresso in the World‘ post.  To get the genuine Roman low down on this place, pop over and have a read.

Incidentally, Man of Roma thinks that the best Italian coffee in the universe is to be found in Naples! (Actually, I have tried coffee from Naples, and have to say that it is very good.)

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