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RubyGate Trial Coming Soon to a TV Near You!


Some Italian wags have created a very clever video ‘trailer’ for the media event of the year – Berlusconi‘s forthcoming Rubygate bunga bunga trial, which hits a court near you in Milan on the 6th April – unless Italy’s prime minister can find a way to get out of it.

Funnily enough, seeing as he usually stays out of court, this time, Berlusconi has decided to actually appear in court in order to prove his innocence – he does deny both the charges – namely that he paid an under-age prostitute, Ruby, for sex, and then abused his power to have Ruby extricated from police custody after she was arrested on suspicion of theft.

Berlusconi - In Court on April 6th, maybe...

Anyway, the Ruby trial is certainly going to be in the media spotlight, and not only in Italy. After all, how many prime ministers face the kind of charges that have been levelled at Silvio Berlusconi?

The girl at the centre of the Rubygate affair, nicknamed Ruby, has been called as a witness for both the defence and the prosecution, by all accounts.

Here is said, fake, Ruby trial trailer, which hints the event of the year will also be in 3d. I’ve no idea how long this video will stay on YouTube for…

The Ruby trial trailer is in Italian with subtitles.

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Right, the real trial will start soon and what is going to come out in the wash is going to be interesting. Whether Berlusconi will survive it is another matter, but he does seem to be pretty much scandal-proof.

But expect a media circus all the same.

Who made the RubyGate video:

Written and directed by Giancarlo Fontana and Giuseppe G. Stasi.with  Giancarlo Fontana – Simona Piatti – Ivan Maria Spadacenta – Fiorenza Salvador – Andrea Altieri. Director’s assistant: Lorenzo D’Angella. Editor  Giancarlo Fontana. Producer Marco Lupo Angioni.

Image: Presidenza della Repubblica (Presidency of Italian Republic)

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