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How to Say Rabbit in Italian

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Rabbit in Italian is coniglio, just in case you wanted to know. If you do want to know, you are not alone, around 400 people every month want to know according to my Google intelligence.

How do you pronounce rabbit in Italian? Like this, more or less: co-ni-lio – that’s “co”, as in co-worker. “Ni”, as in nil, and then “lio” which is “lee-oh”. The ‘g’ is more or less silent. ‘gli‘ is pronounced a little like the ‘ill’ in ‘million’. Put it all together and you have rabbit in Italian – co-ni-glio.

Now you can recognize and ask for rabbit based dishes when you are looking at menus when in restaurants in Italy.

Rabbit in Italian is coniglio
Rabbit in Italian is “coniglio”

If you are in Italy’s northern Liguria region, in the right season – early spring, autumn and winter – you may come across coniglio alle ligure on a menu. If you like rabbit, olives, garlic, onions, and pine nuts, you’ll probably enjoy a plate of coniglio alle ligure.

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Rabbit is popular in Italy and you’ll often find rabbit in Italy’s supermarkets, as well as its more traditional butchers.

Lots of Rabbit Dishes

There are at least 30 rabbit based recipes in Italian cooking. You can find everything from oven cooked rabbit – coniglio al forno, to rabbit cooked with apples – Coniglio all’agro di mele, and you may even come across rabbit cooking in fizzy spumante wine, or even spicy rabbit – Coniglio piccante!

Italy has lots of dishes for rabbit lovers! One could rabbit on about Italy’s rabbit recipes for quite a while, or even write an Italian cookery book dedicated to rabbit recipes.

Hare Dishes Too

By the way, “hare” in Italian is “lepre”. Hare is not as common as rabbit in Italian cookery, but you will find some hare based dishes in Italy and even hare salami. Try hare in wine – Lepre al vino, or roast levert – young hare – which is Leprotto arrosto in Italian.

There, now you know how to say rabbit in Italian and hare too. Go hunt for them on a menu!

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