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The Press Freedom Situation in Italy between 2009 and 2013

World Press Freedom 2013

Back in 2010, Italy Chronicles took a look at press freedom in Italy between 1980 and 2009. In 2009, Italy’s press was classified by Freedom House as ‘partly free’.

Has anything changed since 2009? Let’s take a look.

Press Freedom in Italy 2010 to 2014

2010 – Italy – Partly Free – World Ranking 72. Freedom House rating: 33 (32 in 2009)

2011 – Italy – Partly Free – World Ranking 75. Freedom House rating: 34

2012 – Italy – Partly Free – World Ranking 70. Freedom House rating: 33

2013 – Italy – Partly Free – World Ranking 68. Freedom House rating: 33

As you have seen, Italy is still regarded as being ‘partly free’ by Freedom House. However, Italy’s ranking is improving, even if the score remains more or less the same.

World Press Freedom 2013
Press Freedom 2013

How Does Italy Compare?

Here’s how Italy measures up compared to other nations facing similar economic difficulties:

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2010 – Italy – Freedom House rating/score: 72/33. Greece – 63/29. Spain – 47/24. Ireland – 14/15.

2011 – Italy – Freedom House rating/score: 75/34. Greece – 65/39. Spain – 40/23. Ireland – 15/16.

2012 – Italy – Freedom House rating/score: 70/33. Greece – 65/30. Spain – 43/24. Ireland – 13/16.

2013 – Italy – Freedom House rating/score: 68/33. Greece – 83/41. Spain – 52/27. Ireland –  13/16.

A rating of 31 or more indicates that the press is ‘partly free’. Press is considered ‘not free’ when the rating is 61 or higher.

From the data, it looks as if all is not well in Greece, which has slipped from ‘free’ to ‘partly free’. Italy, on the other hand, does not appear to be changing. Spain appears to be slowly sliding downhill whereas Ireland has stayed more or less the same.

What’s the Problem in Italy?

Principally, Italy’s mainstream press is highly partisan and this, looking at Freedom House’s rankings and ratings, has not changed at all. The situation may change a little in the future if control of Italy’s state broadcaster RAI is wrested away from Italy’s politicians. Convincing Italy’s politicians to give up their ability to more or less dictate RAI’s editorial line won’t be at all easy.

Italy’s new prime minister is a major user of Italy’s media to get his message across, so he may be reluctant to let Italy’s press become too free. We’ll see.

Source: Freedom House Press Freedom Data

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