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Two Photographs of Picturesque Positano

Italy’s Amalfi coastline is a sheer gem. I shall never forget seeing photographs of the Amalfi area many years ago at work. A collegue of mine had just returned from a holiday in this area of Italy and while he was there, he’d taken lots of amazon photographs. Picturesque

The Amalfi coastline is an incredible blend of natural and manmade beauty. Man and nature seem to be at perfect harmony with one another. It’s no wonder this area of Italy is a favourite for travellers.

Photographers and artists love this area of Italy too. It generates stunning images such as the ones below of the town of Positano was taken by photographer Donna Proctor:

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Here’s Donna’s portrait version of the Positano landscape which shows the beach:

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It would not surprise me to hear that Donna’s images of Positano tempt you to visit the area in person!

If you do visit the Amalfi area, don’t forget head for Pompeii and the lovely islands of Capri and Ischia in the bay of Naples, and let us all know about your Italy trip.

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