Pop Art Fiat 500

Here are some more shots of the pop art covered Fiat 500, which I saw at the Fiat Open Lounge ‘see in the summer’ evening, held last week in Milan.

The artwork was done by Andy, ex-member of Italian band Bluvertigo, as part of his Flu-On art project.  It’s very colourful.  See how many famous faces/characters you can spot. There are plenty of them.


Flu-on Pop Art Covered Fiat 500

I think this colourful Fiat 500 looks pretty darn cool, and great fun too.  Not sure I’d drive it though!

Just click play to see the 16 photos.  A full-screen version of this short photo presentation is available too – click on the four little arrows which you should see in the bottom right hand corner. Just in case the photos are not visible, here is a link you can use to see them: Pop Art Covered Fiat 500

I’ve no idea whether Fiat is planning on mass producing these things.  People in the USA should be getting the Fiat 500 soon, and I think they might quite like it.

Photographs by Alex Roe and his Canon EOS 40d.

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