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Pigeons with flu

Well, this bird flu thing has got to Turkey, which not too far from sunny Italy. It appears that the people who caught this severe form of flu, caught it from birds. From what I understand wild birds can transmit the virus to domestic birds. The people who keep these domestic birds then come into contact with their excrement or blood and thus contract this form of flu. So far, the experts are saying, there have been no cases of the human form of bird flu being passed directly from one person to another. All well and goodish.
My conclusion: It is unlikely that those who do not keep or work with birds will contract this flu.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

This sort of allayed my fears until I thought about the pigeon poo on our balcony and all the pigeons which reside in the eaves of our appartment building. It would not be beyond the actions of a two year old to go sticking his little fingers in pigeon poo. Worries me this does. Yet what can we do? Not a fat lot. Live in hope.

I did think about eliminating the pigeons initially, but there are so many that this would be virtually impossible and I would feel sorry for the poor beasties. I also learnt that, whereas in the UK pigeons are considered pests and may be shot, here in Italy it is actually illegal to shoot or attempt to kill the things by any other method. I find this a little odd in a country which serves up tiny little birds, frogs, snails, horse and donkey. Still, I guess you cannot eat pigeons (would you even want to eat the diseased feather dusters you find in cities) in Italy, which would seem to be odd seeing as you can eat just about everything else.

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Italy Finally Gets Wi-Fi, Cyber-Crime Levels will Rocket.

Actually, wi-fi has existed in Italy for quite a number of years, only using free public wi-fi services has never been simple, in that an ID document had to be produced before you could hook up to and use a wi-fi service. Unsurprisingly, requiring people to show identity documents made it difficult for free-wi-fi services to take hold. This is all about to change.

Anglitaliano – English Invades Italian

A guest post from someone who has noticed odd things happening to the ‘Italian’ language. Over to you Ainsley:

As a Northern 40-something-year-old Englishman, the four years I’ve spent learning Italian haven’t exactly been plain sailing (blame the British school system).

Romeo and the Politicians

Before the infamous ‘mani pulite’ clean up which took place back in the early to mid nineties, it was said that Italy’s politicians had Italy’s entrepreneurs eating out of their hands.


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Umberto Bossi

Bugging Umberto Bossi

Umberto Bossi is the leader of Italy’s Lega Nord – Northern League political party and a key coalition ally of Italy’s current premier Silvio Berlusconi. Unless you have just returned from a stay on an isolated desert island you will know that Silvio Berlusconi is in a spot of bother at the moment in that his government now has an uncertain majority.

This unstable majority is bugging Umberto Bossi, who, in turn, was himself being bugged according to recent reports in Italy’s press.

Another squirmy pavement day

Yet another sweltering day in Milan. I had to use the underground too, which is not good at the moment. The metro is one big

The Economist Beats Berlusconi

Many moons back in 2001, the Economist magazine displayed a picture of a pensive Berlusconi on its front cover, along with the question: ‘Is Silvio Berlusconi unfit to Lead Italy’.

Mr Berlusconi took umbrage to the undertone of this heinous insinuation, and promptly took the revered publication to court on accusations of defamation, and lost!