Piedmont and Campania regional TV news in Lombardy! Something’s up.

About the only news worth watching on Italian TV is that of RAI 3. There is even a regional programme, the only one on Italian TV, that covers the events in the region of Italy in which you live. Usually. At the moment, our Internet and digital TV provider, Fastweb, appears to be having a little problem. This evening we’ve got Piedmont regional news, over the last few days, we have had Catania news. Great. What the heck has happened to the Lombardy edition of this programme? Heck knows. I don’t think I’ve played with any of the settings, and I was not aware that I could decide which regional news programme I could watch. All very odd. I really would like to know what is going on where I live.

Maybe this is a deliberate dis-information attempt by the Italian government, but I do not really think so.

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