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Photography Workshops in Italy 2016

How about spending time in Italy brushing up your photographic skills by doing photography workshops? If the idea appeals, here are some workshops you might like to consider.

Italy is incredibly photogenic, from the hilltop towns to the mountain landscapes, tantalizing Tuscany, Rome, Venice, Sicily, and even Italian food.

You could, of course, kick off a visit to Italy by doing a photography workshop and then spend the rest of your time in Italy applying you newly developed skills. You should end up with plenty of memorable images of Italy to take home, print, and hang on a wall.


Here are a selection of photography workshops in Italy in 2016 you might like to consider.

Paolo de Faveri’s Photography Workshops

Italian Paolo de Faveri has been full-time professional landscape, nature, travel and architecture photographer since 2007. He runs photography workshops all over Italy. Coming up is:

Or you can choose when to do an individual or group photography workshop with de Faveri in a range of areas of Italy. De Faveri’s website suggests the best times of year to do his workshops:

De Faveri’s workshops feature a learn by doing approach.

Sarpi Globe Man
Sarpi Globe Man

Jeff Curto’s Photography Workshops

Noted photographer and photo educator, Jeff Curto is running workshops in Rome, Tuscany, and around Lakes Como and Maggiore:

Curto’s workshops feature:

  • All-inclusive strategy; arrive, make photographs and learn – we take care of the rest (ground transportation, meals, guides, tips, etc – it’s all included)
  • Small, 7 student groups for lots of one-on-one time
  • A blend of formal and field instruction
  • Plenty of time for discussion and critique
  • Single-occupancy, high-quality accommodations

San Giulio Island Lake Orta DayDrake Busath’s Photography Workshops

Next up is Drake Busath who had been teaching photography in the US and abroad for a decade before setting up his part vacation-part photography Italy Workshops & Village Tours.

Here are the 2016 photography workshops Busath is organizing in Italy:

Artists, on the other hand, might like the Florence and Tuscany with Painter Zachary Proctor course which is being set up under Busath’s umbrella, so to speak. Dates and other details of this course are still to be confirmed.


Hans Kruse Photography Workshops 2016 and 2017

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

Landscape and nature photographer Dane Hans Kruse runs a variety of photography workshops in Italy.

His 2016 courses are all sold out with the exception of the Sicily session:

  • Sicily, Italy November 26/27 – December 2, 2016. Description. 6/7* days 1395/1320 Euro. Space available.

The good news is that there’s still space on Kruse’s 2017 workshops:

  • Sicily, Italy April 22/23-28, 2017. Description. 6/7 days 1495/1420 Euro.
  • Tuscany, Italy May 6/7-12, 2017. Description. 6/7 days. 1495/1420 Euro.
  • Dolomites, Italy June 9/10-17, 2017. Description. 8/9 days. 1895/1815 Euro.
  • Dolomites, Italy September 29/30-October 7, 2017. Description. 1895/1815 Euro.
Via Paolo Sarpi in Milan at Christmas 2014
Via Paolo Sarpi, Milan, Italy at Christmas – photo by Alex Roe

Cortona Center of Photography Workshops

Through the Cortona Center of Photography, photographer Robin Davis runs group photography workshops in the ancient Etruscan city of Cortona in Tuscany, Italy.

Details of an upcoming workshop can be found here: 10 Day Tuscany Photo Workshop

Note that there’s a 20% DISCOUNT available now for their FALL Workshop with early registration by JUNE 30th

Dramatic landscapes, Etruscan relics, Roman, Medieval and Renaissance architecture, and the wonderful and photogenic people of Tuscany await.

Romans in Rome
Romans in Rome

Rome Photography Workshop Tours

Fancy capturing the sights of Rome? If so, then you might like these photography tours of Italy’s capital, Rome:

On these workshops, you’ll learn tips and tricks to improve your photographic skills in an urban environment while discovering the highlights of Rome through personalized tours.

Steve Thornton Photography Workshops

If you are photographer who wants to obtain a better understanding of light and composition and you often work with models, then Steve Thornton’s workshops in Como, Italy, may well be for you.

Find more details here: Steve Thornton’s Como Photography Workshops


If you do any of these workshops, or even more than one, please let us know how you got on. You could even show us some of the photographs you took.


All the photographs of Italy and Italian sights used in this post are by myself, Alex Roe. Neither Italy Chronicles nor Alex Roe has any connections to the photographers and workshops mentioned in this article.

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