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Photographs of Lovely Lake Maggiore by Night

I took most of the photographs from here

A few weeks ago, I spent a couple of days on Lake Maggiore where I had headed to experience the Lavello-Mombello “bucket” car. The other reason I went to the lake was to take photographs and there’s nothing I like more than the challenge of night photography.

Here then, are a few of the photographs of Lake Maggiore I took from the top of the Lavello cable car station.

Most of the photographs are night time captures, although one is from early evening and the other from early morning.

First of all, this is were I was:

I took most of the photographs from here
I took most of the photographs from here

This is where I was when I took the photos. A lovely view for an evening drink:

There's a lovely view of Lake Maggiore from here
There’s a lovely view of Lake Maggiore from here

The colourful lights create interesting reflections in the lake’s waters:


Someone was holding a fireworks display over on the other side of the lake:

Fireworks over Lake Maggiore in Italy
Fireworks over Lake Maggiore in Italy
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Lots of lights and lines:

Lights and Lines
Lights and Lines

This is a photo I took in the early morning as the sun came up:

Island in the Morning Light on Lake Maggiore
Island in the Morning Light on Lake Maggiore

And finally, I managed to capture those evening rays of sunshine as they peeked through the clouds:

Evening Rays over Lake Maggiore
Evening Rays

Lake Maggiore is very, very photogenic and its character evolves hugely with the light. The sun’s early morning rays bathing the towns dotted around the lake create quite a spectacle. Get up high and you can take wonderful night time photos too – just remember to bring a tripod.

Aside from being a photographer’s paradise, Lake Maggiore is a superb spot to spend a holiday, or even to spend a relaxing weekend.

Larger versions of these photographs, plus a few others, can be found on Flickr here: Lake Maggiore

All photographs by me, Alex Roe. Equipment used: A Canon 7D, various lenses, plus a tripod.

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