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Learn Italian online

Photo Yellow Pages of Italy

Visual Yellow Pages
Visual Yellow Pages

Wow, this is excellent!  How about a 3d, sort of, yellow pages of Italy?  Well, one exists, and appears to cover a reasonable amount of the Living Museum – it is still a beta (trial) version.

I can even see a photo of my house on the map!

Take a trip on the virtual side!

OK, so I found this via Stumble Upon, and I’m not the first, but hey, this is fun!  Hover your mouse around and click where you feel like.

A wee window will pop up with a photo in it.  Click on the photo and you will see a bigger 360° image and you can whirl around in it having a look at the neighbourhood.  Clever stuff indeed.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

Want to have a play?  Then here you are: Visual Pagine Gialle (Visual Yellow pages) Milan

Oh, go on, here is another one, Bergamo this time, the Old Town

I’m sure you could find plenty of other towns and areas of Italy.  Indeed, you could happily pass a lunchtime, and most of the following afternoon for that matter, playing with this system.

It’s a Beta system though, so not everywhere is up and running.  Venice for example does not seem to have any photos to show for itself just yet.  Still you can amuse yourselves trying to find which places have been listed.

Have fun, but don’t moan at me if your boss whines about you missing that deadline!

This is a site to keep an eye on.  Worth bookmarking, or whatever you do to keep interesting links to hand.

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