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Just the thing for Penny Pinching Travellers in Italy

One small way to save money while travelling Italy on a limited budget.

Italy is not the cheapest nation in the world by far, so those visiting all that Italy has to offer may find their budgets stretched more than a little at times.

However, for those watching the pennies, or rather, the Eurocents, this may be a useful little piece of information.

Budget travellers often wander Italy by train, which means they may often find themselves sitting on Italian platforms waiting for the next train for Orvieto, or some such spot. Well, while you are hanging around waiting for that train, why not use the platform vending machines to stock up on water, drinks, snacks and other bits and bobs?

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

Why use these vending machines which can be found on the platforms of Milan and Genoa stations, and most probably many other main line Italian stations too? Simple, the prices are surprisingly low, not as low as a good old supermarket, but quite a bit lower than most Italian bars and shops, especially those located in Italian rail road stations, which tend to charge exorbitant prices to their captive audiences. And the prices of refreshments sold on trains are made to make your eyes water, which is another reason to hit, not literally, those vending machines before hopping on your train.

These handy vending machines take coins and even dish out change. Sometimes though, these machines seem to take a little spiteful pleasure in spitting out Euro coins which are not the right size or dimension. Be persistent though, and you will be rewarded.

Try them out – the drinks are kept nice and cool too, and you can even buy a can of beer or two, should that be something you fancy.

They really are just the thing for cost conscious travellers and back packers in Italy, especially cash strapped Euro-railing students, for example. The extra savings might even help out a few families with children who are desperate to quench their thirsts. This is a not uncommon scenario, as Italian railway station platforms can be bakingly hot at the height of summer.

Check these vending machines out, and see how you get on.

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