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Paying by credit card? – Watch out!

I’d noticed this the other week in the local supermarket.  There was a notice saying that payment by credit card would only be accepted upon presentation of valid ID.  This is not a great problem for most Italians who never leave home without the ‘Carta d’Identitia’, but for anyone who is not from the Bel Paese, it could be.  Today I bought a new pair of shoes and was asked for ID because I wanted to pay by credit card, and being good ID card carrier, this was no problem for me.

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However, if you happen to find yourself in Milan for whatever reason and you want to splash out a bit, and pay with plastic, make sure you have some form of ID with you.  A passport would be ideal, or otherwise a driving licence with a photo on it should be OK.  Knowing this may save you some slight embarrassment, I hope.

Apparently the banks here have recently advised anywhere that accepts credit cards to request ID, presumably to curb rising incidences of credit card fraud.  I would imagine that this has become a requirement throughout Italy too.

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