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The world, I think, boasts at least two Paris Hiltons – there is the hotel, which is in Paris, France, then there is the global brand socialite who also goes by the name of Paris Hilton, where presumably she was made.  We’ve got Paris Hilton, the person, on the telly at the moment in Italy.  She is appearing in an ad for 3 mobile phones.  Now, I think there maybe more than two Paris Hiltons.  Have you ever had a look at any of the many photos of the not at all publicity shy young lady?  Well, I happened upon a website with lots of images of the girl.  Only some of them are so different, I am starting to believe that there is more than one Paris Hilton lady; maybe there is a whole army of them.  Was she the product of the first real cloning experiment?  I wonder.  Just a mad thought on a cool and rainy Wednesday.

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