Orange Cagli in Le Marche, Italy

Italy is a curious mix of dark and light, of good, bad and ugly.  Cagli, a small town in the Le Marche region of Italy, looks good and light.  Here is a photograph of one of Cagli’s buildings.

Pastel colours are everywhere in Italy.  Pinks, greens, rusty and sandy browns.  Sometimes, though, the colours go beyond pastel, such as in this photograph in which the colour of this Cagli building is predominantly orange.

Photographers must find Italy a sheer delight, I know I do.

On to this image of Italy.

A Façade of Cagli in Le Marche, Italy by meandmycamera

Cagli by meandmycamera
Cagli by meandmycamera

Go take a look at meandmycamera’s colourful Italy shots: meandmycamera on Flickr.  Those there Nikon 700s do take rather good pictures, I have to say.

Actually, go take a look at all the 850+ photographs in the Everything Italy Flickr group I set up – choose a photograph, and let me know why you like it.  I’ll then pop it here on  Beware, after seeing so many of these images, you might well find yourself booking a holiday to Italy, if, that is, you can decide just where to go!

Here’s a little tip: Avoid Rome and Florence for the moment – far too hot in July anyway, and head for somewhere off the beaten track, like Cagli, for example.

I was going to talk about Italy’s prime minister and his usual shenanigans, but the subject is just too darn depressing, so I decided to brighten up your day and show you one of Italy’s many better sides.

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