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Of salami and ties

I sometimes receive small presents from my students. Today I got two. One very kind student brought me a 'salami di Felino' (before you ask – it's got nothing to do with dead cats) and the other gave me a teddy bear tie. Yes, a tie with teddy bears all over it. It's not new, it's just that my friendly student did not want it anymore because it was a bit 'over the top' in his eyes and he had noticed that I often sport what Italians would define as being rather racy ties. In actual fact the tie he gave me is a trendy teddy tie by Moschino and it is very nice. I put it on immediately. The great thing about it is that from a distance the teddies are not visible, so others just think it's an ordinary patterned tie. Once you get up close you realise that the colourful designs are teddies. Just the mix of subtly and fun that I like. Very good.

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The salami is a bit different, well you can't wear it for one thing, but equally wonderful. Salami di Felino is considered as being 'salami royalty', or so I understand, which means it is prime quality and also quite pricey. I can also vouch for the fact that it tastes very good, if you happen to be into salami, that is. Not too good for the waistline, though.

It's nice to know that your efforts are appreciated sometimes. It's a job satisfaction thing.

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