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Norway Opportunity for Italian Musicians

A LINN Musician

Rudi Nikolaisen from the LiNN, Regional Musicians in Norway association, contacted me this week to mention a project in Norway designed to promote music in the country’s smaller northern towns. This project may be of interest to Italian musicians too, as they are welcome to apply.

Musicians, which includes both solo artists and bands, who play jazz and rock music, are invited to apply for a form of grant.  A condition of this grant is that the winning artist or band will be required to live in a town in northern Norway for three months. The intention is that the

A LINN Musician
A LINN Musician

musicians concerned will benefit from broadening their horizons, while at the same time helping spread a little diverse musical culture to the residents of towns in northern Norway.  It’s a kind of win-win situation in may ways, and the musician or band involved, apart from having a lot of fun, I imagine, should also receive a little more exposure.  This may lead to a recording deal, and, potentially, international fame.  Not a bad opportunity.

Whilst residing in Norway, the artist or band will be involved in the co-production of a tour of northern regions of the country, along with other local musicians.  The LiNN organisation’s role will be to help with the setting up the tour, as well as providing musicians and finance for it.

The catch?

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

There isn’t one really, except for the fact that the deadline for applications is the 15th April 2010.

I know that one or two Italian musicians read this blog, and follow Blog from Italy via Twitter too, so I hope they might either spread the word, or, even better, apply themselves.  Amycanbe, OfeliaDorme, the Mirrors, Cesare Picco, and a few others, I’m looking at you!  Go for it!

It would be great for an Italian band or musician to win this grant!

The application form, in English, is here:  Artists in Residence – LiNN

Note that there is a section which asks for ‘Information About the Project’ – but I’m not too sure what is needed here.  I have asked, and will update this once the answer comes though.  Seeing as the deadline is fast coming up, I thought I’d write this anyway.

LiNN is no fly-by-night organisation either – it’s been promoting music in Norway for more than 30 years.

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