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No Whining This Year

Italian Wine
Italian Wine

Despite black forecasts right, left, and centre with regard to Italy’s recession bound economy, one sector is looking up.

Yes, Italy’s wine production looks as though it will exceed that of its arch rival on the world’s wine stage – France.

The last time Italian wine production managed to overtake that of France was way back in 1998.  The good news does not end there though.

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Stop reading, start speaking

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Italy has been making its wine production more efficient, although the number of areas dedicated to the growing of grapes has actually fallen.  Of course good weather tends to play its part too, and the weather has been kind to the Italian wine industry this year.

Italian wine is also becoming better quality.  More and more Italians wines are earning the right to sport the prestigious DOC and DOP certifications on their bottle labels.

Italy’s GDP is falling,  and production levels are dropping too, so it’s good to be able to write about an industry in Italy which is doing well.

Italians should take heart.  When Italy puts its mind to something, it can be a world beater.

Why not hop on over to Snooth, search for a few Italian wines read the reviews, and then order a few bottle to grace your table during the festive season?  You will not regret it.

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