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New Pope and other more pressing issues

Yep, as you may well know by now there is now a new German Pope. The election of this new guy must have brought most businesses, and public offices in Rome to a complete and utter standstill as thousands of Romans and other associated cohorts descended on St Peters to catch a glimpse of the new guy. People obviously had nothing else to do, or rather this seemed like one hell of an excuse to escape from the day to day drudgery which many call work.

OK, so it’s a historic occasion and all that, but life goes on with or without a Pope. And the effect that the late Pope had on my life was zilch, with a capital ‘Z’.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

Anyway both my rumour inspired predictions as to who was going to get the job, turned out to be totally wrong. So I apologise if you actually went and put money on who was going to the next boss of Vatican city. Betting, though, has always been a bit of a losers game, so if you did bet, and lose, well, nothing new there then.

Now what turn me into an undisputed believer would be some all powerful, all seeing and omniscient being doing something to sort out my poor little son, who is back in hospital, seeing as the eighth, I think it is, (I’m starting to lose count) occurrence of swollen eye has even got the doctors worried. So much so that they called us and basically said ‘Get the kid in hospital asap’. We have done. My other half is doing the night shift with the poor little chap who is on the receiving end of yet more ‘tests’ (sticking pins all over the place, prodding and poking) in yet another attempt to try to understand just what is causing his left eye to swell up virtually every five minutes, despite having been subjected to regular ‘nose washes’ amongst other things. So much for the miracles of modern science in this particular case. I’m getting worried for the poor little fellow, who is now getting to the age where he is able to understand that something is up and is starting to become frightened about it.

So if any all powerful super beings happen to be reading this humble little blog, could you please dump the ‘moving in mysterious ways’ system and do something productive to help my little son, and all suffering children for that matter? It would make me and many others very happy. Go on. Be divine.

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