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New Florence Project – New York City and Florence Collaborative Art

The launch of the “New Florence Project” takes place on December 11 at 7 pm in Florence, Italy.

Original artwork is to be exhibited from December 11-13 in Florence, Italy and there are also a number of admission-free supporting events open to everyone.

The project is the result of collaboration between 16 New York City and Florence artists who have created unique art in support of the mission of the Claudio Ciai Foundation.

The Claudio Ciai Foundation is an Italy-based non-profit organization that provides support and and helps rehabilitate victims suffering from brain injuries or permanent disabilities caused by road or workplace accidents.


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Sala delle Leopoldine
Piazza Tasso n.7
Florence, Italy


– Cocktail Reception to kick off the “New Florence Project” exhibition and 2015 Calendar  – December 11, 7 pm

– Yoga and Restorative Therapy Sessions

– Educational Seminars on Developments in Treating Severe Brain Injuries and Road Safety; and More

More information and an events program can be found here: Claudio Ciai Foundation “New Florence Project”.

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