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New Fashion Portal in Florence – Europeana Fashion

Gucci and Armani are fashion industry names we are used to hearing, but come 2015 we might be learning about plenty of others, including some which date back into the past to the very origins of fashion.

What is to Come?

On March 1st 2012, a new fashion portal was launched in Florence.

Europeana, the European culture archive website, is developing a new digital online fashion section that will give people access to thousands of fashion styles dating back hundreds of years.  A three year project meaning, Europeana Fashion won’t be completed until the beginning of March 2015.  By then over 700,000 fashion-related digital objects ranging from historical dresses to accessories, will be on the website.

Europeana - a New Fashion Portal for Europe
Europeana - a New Fashion Portal for Europe

The Europeana Fashion project currently has twenty three partners, each of them representing leading public and private museums, archives and collections from twelve different European countries. Coordinating the project is the Fondazione Rinascimento Digitale.

Why Europeana Fashion?

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Fashion is central to European culture.  The project was launched in Florence because of the city’s links to the origins of fashion. With this project people will obtain a better understanding of fashion culture and learn more about how fashion evolved.  This is a benefit because people will be able to get some more ideas, and maybe even incorporate more into their own fashion ideas. I believe that this project will satisfy the needs of current and future fashion designers.

With access to this website people can learn about techniques used to create clothing and see how style has evolved through the centuries.

Since the beginning of the 20th century some of the most important private and cultural institutions have been collecting and preserving garments, accessories, fashion catalogs and magazines that will help construct this website and put it together.

Overall as a fashion follower, I think this is a fascinating initiative idea that will interest and inspire many people and I will definitely be looking forward to the finished site going live.  Present day fashion designers may well find the past provides creative inspiration for new collections.

For the moment, you can keep an eye on Europeana developments by visiting the site:  Europeana

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