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Never a Dull Moment

Slow of the mark as usual – I did not hear or see the news until latish today. Shame, because the headline today was a real corker. The, er, Minister of Justice, one Clemente Mastella resigned, albeit momentarily, today. Apparently the, er, Justice Minister, and, wait for it, his wife, are under investigation for corruption.

Prodi, proving once more that he is not all that keen on transforming Italian politics into something more than a rather sad circus, actually rejected Mastella’s resignation. Surreal.

Italy’s magistrates, as usual, are being called all the names under the sun by the politicians.

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It all becomes even more bizarre when you consider that Berlusco has always lambasted the magistrates for persecuting him, and accused them of being politically motivated.

OK, maybe one could have accepted this politically motivated thing, well, in the past. But now when the very same magistrates who rattled Berlusco’s cage are chasing someone who is, on paper, on the opposite end of the, rather wide, Italian political spectrum, how can one accuse them of being politically motivated? I mean, who the heck is the politically motivating force behind the magistrates? Can’t be Prodi’s cronies. Nor can it be Berlusco’s boys.

Who can it be? Motenzemolo’s minions? Vasco Rossi? Valentino Rossi? Osama Bin Laden? The tooth fairy?

Who are the extremists that force the magistrates into investigating those suspected of having committed a crime? It is an absolute mystery to me. It really is.

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