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Naples River of Trash

Storms have been battering Italy from north to south, east to west causing destruction and loss of life.  The rain also filled a river with rubbish as this video shows.

A rather unpleasant consequence of the latest rains to hit southern Italy’s regions has been this disgusting river of rubbish which flowed near Saviano, a town in south Italy not far from Naples.

Here is a video which shows the trash in full flow.

It’s not a pretty site.

River of Trash Saviano, near Naples, Italy


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Video from the website Non Solo Nola

Saviano is here:

[googlemap lat=”40.909172″ lng=”14.509165″ align=”undefined” width=”450px” height=”300px” zoom=”9″ type=”G_NORMAL_MAP”]Italy[/googlemap]

Sadly, the chances are the refuse will end up in the Mediterranean sea.

How the rubbish ended up in the river is not clear.  Investigations will take place, no doubt.

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