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Naples and rubbish

There is something odd going on down in Naples. Every so often there are reports of domestic rubbish piling up to health threatening levels – indeed, it is happening at the moment and these here piles are catching fire too. The only trouble is I don’t really understand why. The word that begins with ‘m’ and ends with ‘a’ has been mentioned.

Somebody care to tell me what the blazes is going on?

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UPDATE: 22nd May, 2007.  It appears, according to Sky’s TG24 news channel, that the rubbish is piling up because there is nowhere to put it all.  This is because, it seems, nobody wants a waste disposal site near them.  Indeed, those living near proposed disposal site have been blockading them.  Something smells odd, though, and I’m not just talking about the rubbish.

The local fire brigade was called out to 150 fires concerning burning refuse last night alone.  Heaven only knows what the risk to health is.

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