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My computer is suffering from the heat

I used my compressed air to blow out some of the dust from the vents on my laptop, and I even locked the CPU fan with a bent paper clip to stop it from be spun to death by the high speed air.  Good I thought that will sort out the high temperature readings.  Only it did not.

I switched on my trusty PC and started up the Speedfan temperature monitoring utility.  The temperature hit 90°C and my PC shut down just about instantly.  Cripes, I thought.  Time for a new laptop.  Hope I actually get some cash this month.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

Once I had calmed down a bit, I had another go with the air spray in the hope that I might clear some blockage or other.  Then I switched the poor overheated thing back on.  It fired up normally and the temp gauge has been showing a steady 55°C all day, much to my relief.  My wallet, credit card and bank account also breathed a sigh of relief too.  Summer is a great time when you are self employed, you get the tax bill followed by the VAT bill all in quick succession and when your in a ‘I have the cash, but it’s not quite yet in my bank account’ type cash-flow problem, all this extra expense can make what is already a hot and bothersome period, yet hotter and more bothersome.

Thanks be to the creator that my laptop is whirring away doing its amazing stuff as per usual.

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