The Listenable Music of Mellow Neil

Neil Lucchetta, known simply as Neil, is an Italian singer songwriter. I’ve no idea where in Italy he’s from, not that it really matters. What does matter is his music which is mellowly melancholic in a listenable kind of way.

I guess they only way you can find out how listenable Neil’s music is, is to, well, listen to it.

What follows are a couple of videos of Neil doing his musical thing. His influences are Nick Drake and Elliott Smith, amongst others.

Neil, from what I’ve heard, sings in English which should make his music is more approachable to international audiences. It might even help him get a recording contract or two.

Here are a couple of Neil’s, eminently listenable, tracks.

Green Screen

[youtube width=”556″ height=”469″][/youtube]

This is Neil:


Next up is Neil’s Faith No More cover:

Digging The Grave

[youtube width=”556″ height=”469″][/youtube]

You can find an album full of Neil’s tracks over on his SoundCloud page: Neil on SoundCloud

And via Neil’s Facebook page, you can discover where in Italy he’s playing next: Neil on Facebook

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