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More Splendid Christmas Lights In Rome

Xmas Lights in Rome

After my Splendid Christmas lights in Rome post, another hotel in Rome, Hotel Kent, tweeted me more Christmas photos.  I liked their photos too, so I tweeted the Hotel Kent a request for permission to publish them.  Luckily, they said yes.

It seems that Rome’s hoteliers are out and about this Christmas snapping away at Rome’s Christmas lights, which is no bad thing!

Here, then, is another selection of lovely Rome Christmas lights photographs.

A building in central Rome in all its festive splendour:

Xmas Lights in Rome
Xmas Lights in Rome

The Alberto Sordi shopping mall is attractively festive too:

Christmas Lights in the Alberto Sordi mall
Christmas Lights in the Alberto Sordi mall
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Also in the Alberto Sordi shopping mall in Rome, is this Christmas globe.  Global Christmas:

Christmas tree in Rome in a Globe
Christmas tree in Rome in a Globe

And finally, is this close up of the spectacular blue Christmas tree in Rome which you may well recognise, if you saw my previous Splendid Christmas lights in Rome post:

The Blue Christmas Tree
The Blue Christmas Tree

Rome’s Christmas lights are likely to be up until around the 6th January, so there is still time to catch the street spectacle.  You could always stay at the centrally located Hotel Kent too.

Rome’s after Christmas sales will be starting shortly – not a bad time for bargain hunters.

Many thanks to Rome’s Hotel Kent for allowing me to use their photographs.

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