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More Foreign Direct Investment for Italy

In an interview he gave to Italian newspaper, Il Corriere Della Sera, Reuters reports that the US Ambassador to Italy, David Thorne, intimated that if Mario Monti is allowed to reform Italy’s labor market, it is highly likely American companies will invest in Italy.

The key word is very much “if”.

Thorne also observed that if Italy’s employment laws change, this would make Italy a much more attractive investment prospect for other countries, not only the United States.

Greater investment would lead to more jobs, more jobs would mean more people earning money and spending it too.  To cut a long story short, if it happens, Italy’s economy would pick up.

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The only minor fly in the ointment is that Mario Monti may not be allowed to reform Italy’s employment market owing to the incredible fear of change which Italy harbors.

Italy, though, does not do much to attract foreign direct investment, as my Foreign Direct Investment – Italy Not in Top 15 article from June 2010 clearly showed.  Sadly, the situation does not appear to have changed much, if at all since 2010.

Let’s hope Monti can move forwards.  If Ambassador Thorne’s prediction turns out to be right and there is no reason at all why it should not be, Italy will be heading, finally, in the direction it should be.

Fingers crossed!

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