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I have now got Moodle running on my PC locally after installing it using a very useful Joomla standalone server set-up called JSAS.  Although I did manage to lock myself out of phpmyadmin for a while as a result of setting up a password!  I edited the config file, after I found the thing, and all is hunky dory once more.

Anyway, Moodle, which installed without a hitch, is up and running and I have been playing with the css files and creating a ‘corporate’ colour scheme using my handy stylesheet editor Style Master (very nice piece of kit).

I have also set myself up as an administrator, course creator, teacher and student for testing purposes, so I’m feeling wee bit schizophrenic at the moment.  I’ve sourced documentation from the exhaustive resources to be found all over the main Moodle site and have been toying with Moodle settings and have already set up an example listening exercise which has been added to a course.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

At the moment I’m feeling similar to when I first installed and fired up Joomla, a little overawed, but, hey, that’s learning for you.  No pain, no gain.

Anyway, Moodle looks very promising and its very easy to understand how it has generated a worldwide following.  Now, ‘all’ I have to do is come up with a few concrete ideas for useful courses and have a few guinea pigs test them out for me.  There is lots to do, but this is stuff I love doing and if I end up with something which helps English language learners progress more quickly, then I will be happy.

Lunch time.  That’s all for the moment from this here webmaster, cum webdesigner, cum teacher, cum photographer, cum course planner, cum content designer, cum geek.  Over and out for a minute.

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