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Milan’s Ecopass Suspended from 2nd to 20th August

This year, as in each year since its introduction at the start of 2008, Milan’s Ecopass pollution charging system is taking a summer break.  This means that visitors to Milan can drive into the city and not have to worry about having to purchase a pollution charge ticket between the 2nd and 20th August 2010.

As Milan’s authorities point out, there really is no need for pollution levels to be controlled in the northern Italian city during August, seeing as the number of vehicles in circulation during this month falls by an average of 48%.  Quite simply, few cars means virtually non-existent pollution.  If only Milan were the same all year round, adds he wistfully.

Anyway, no Ecopass to pay is good news for those who stay in Milan in August, and it may even encourage those touring Italy by car to make a detour so they can spend a day or two looking around the city.

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Actually, August is an excellent time to visit Milan, as long as you do not want to go shopping!  But there are other things to see and do.

What to Do in Milan

For some information on what there is to see and do in Milan, why not take a look at Why Go Italy‘s? Top 10 Things to do in Milan post?  Bear in mind though, that many of Milan’s shops and eateries shut down in August.  However, Milan’s Navigli canal area still tends to be lively during the hot August evenings.  But before you go paint the town read – be sure to splash on lashings of mosquito repellent, or else you will be feasted upon, and may suffer from terminal itching as a result.  Yes, the Naviglio area is where Milan’s mosquito population hangs out en masse in August.  Be warned!

See the Last Supper

August is a good time to see Leonardo da Vinci‘s Last Supper.  Booking beforehand is necessary.  You will find full details in English and admission charges  here: Vivaticket – Cenacolo Vinciano.

The official Press Release, in Italian, announcing the suspension of the Ecopass is here: Ecopass. De Corato: “ Dal 2 al 20 agosto sospensione estiva di Ecopass”

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