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Milano Jazzin’ Festival

From the 7 July (today) until the 7 August 2008, in Milan’s Arena Civica, the Milano Jazzin Festival is to be held. Some big names are going to be there.  Here is a list of some, along with the dates on which they can be seen in action:

  • July 14 – Lenny Kravitz
  • July 16 – Pat Metheny
  • July 26 – REM
  • July 28 – Paul Simon

For a complete list of the acts appearing, and there are plenty, this page from the Milano Jazzin’ Festival site will help you: Milano Jazzin’ Festival

To start things off, this evening there is Justice and LN Ripley, but the event has been sold out!

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Stop reading, start speaking

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Anyway, there are plenty more acts to see, and you should be able to check ticket availability by visiting this site:

  • TicketOne.it (sorry, but I could not get the English version to work) or ring 02 6269 4720 – if you can speak Italian, although they might well speak English too.

Click: Milan – Arena – to see where the venue is on my Platial map.

Concerts begin at 9:30. Have fun!

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