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Milan wakes up and keeps us awake

Things all seem to be back to normal and about 99% of Milan’s shops and businesses will open up again either today or tomorrow.  Alas the oldies disco is also back up and running, nosily, and we are about to send them a letter about the volume of the annoying music which means sleeping before 2.00am is difficult for us and others in our appartment block.

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The main problem is the bass which thumps through walls and throbs.  Then there is the ‘smokers’ garden which they have opened in their back yard which means we now have the dubious pleasure of loud, slightly drunk, patrons wittering on about pensions and stuff until the small hours.  Not nice, but I’ve already identified a section of Italian law designed to prevent this type of acoustic pollution and there is also some case law, which, even though Italian law does not officially have a precedent system, will not do any resulting court action any harm, because, unofficially, there is a precedent system.  This is logical I think, as past interpretations can surely be used to guide the fairness of future decisions.  However, this is Italy and anything can happen.

I suspect I shall be making some future posts on the subject and just what progress, if any, we make.  One thing I do know is that Italian legal processes tend to move at a pace which would make you think a snail travels at light speed.  Not good.  Patience will be required, although we have just about run out of it.

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