Milan Expo 2015 Works Running Late

It does not look as if all of the pavilions being constructed for the 2015 Milan Expo will be finished in time for the May 1st opening.

Construction works are running so late that there’s no time for Italy’s authorities to carry out safety inspections. Instead, the contractors involved are to be allowed to “auto certify” the standard of their work. Some of the Expo buildings will then be inspected on later dates to ensure they won’t collapse on the heads of Expo visitors.

A contract to cover up incomplete Expo building works has been awarded so provided visitors don’t look too hard, they won’t spot the rough edges.

For now, it does look as if Milan’s Expo will open on time – the last time Milan held an Expo, it opened a year late. Seems history does, almost, repeat itself.

Will the Milan 2015 Expo be a flop or will it be ‘all right on the night’? We’ll see.

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