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Milan Dreaming – A Video

Last year, I showed off a very well done video of my city in Italy – Milan.  Here is another.

It seems that another DSLR armed amateur filmmaker, or video maker, has been out and about shooting Milan and the results of Francesco Paciocco‘s efforts do capture much of the character of what may well be one of Italy’s most wealthy and cosmopolitan cities.

While the other video captured the gentle heart and soul of Milan on film, the Milan dreaming video portrays both the praiseworthy aspects of this northern Italian city as well as one or two of its rougher edges.

Milan dreaming would make a pretty good promotional video for the city, with the possible exception of the section during which shows what could very well be a Ferrari coming to a sticky end.  Whilst the Ferrari scenes are is impressive, they may need to be cut from a version used to show off Milan – just in case someone is given the wrong idea.  I have to admit, though, that I do hear the whine of highly strung Ferrari’s whizzing through the streets of Milan quite often.

Personally, I like both videos, but possibly prefer the previous one.  Still, vive la difference!

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Here is:

Milan Dreaming

By Francesco Paciocco

[vimeo width=”550″ height=”442″]http://vimeo.com/33976434[/vimeo]

Aspiring filmmakers may like to know that this film was shot with a Canon EOS 60D using Sigma 50mm f/1.4 and Canon 24-105mm f/4L lenses.  The whole video was put together using Apple’s Final Cut, which a professional video maker friend of mine says is highly capable video editing application.

Which Milan video do you prefer?

If you are unsure, or have never come to Milan in Italy, do come here.  There is plenty of life and there’s always something going on too.  You could always bring your video DSLR as well.

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