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Meet Italy’s Hot New Ministers

Seeing as Berlusconi seems to want to put the glamour back into dull old Italian politics, I thought you might like to see the candidates he may be fielding for his next government.

In the name of equal opportunities, all of the ministers will be female, although he, of course, will retain the job of party leader, and thus prime minister.

Future party political congresses will really be parties, and will probably be held on a beach not too far from Berlusconi’s palatial villa on Sardinia, or so several little birds have been whispering in my ears.

Take a look at some of Italy’s proposed new cabinet ministers.  Or should that be ‘ministresses’.  I’m sure you will fancy their chances.

Rumour has it that number 15, Miss Sorriso, is the Italian bookies favourite to become Italy’s next Reform Minister.  She certainly seems to have the right assets.

Then there is Miss Eleganza, number 39, who is tipped to become Italy’s next Minister for Tourism, and the chances are that Italy’s next finance minister will be number 35, Miss Cotonella.  Number 28, Miss Moda Mare, or so my sources tell me, is likely to be appointed to the post of Minister for Italy’s Fashion industry.

Then we have number 48, Miss Deborah, who is to be offered the position of Health Minister because she looks pretty fit.

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Stop reading, start speaking

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It really will be a model government.  Watch the video and judge for yourselves.

Candidates for the Hot New Italian Cabinet


Which ones would you vote for?

All have been carefully selected on the basis that they like working with children, want to save the world, and have declared their willingness to satisfy the desires of Italy’s population, particularly the male members.

Indeed, the interpretation by the Italian press of Berlusconi’s recent attendance at an Italian beauty’s eighteenth birthday party is simply divorced from the truth.   Berlusconi was merely involved in the selection of his new cabinet.  Nothing more, nothing less.

I mean, how could anyone, apart from a scummy baby eating commie, have suspected anything different? 😉

Sauce: YouTube

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