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Paris Hilton

The world, I think, boasts at least two Paris Hiltons – there is the hotel, which is in Paris, France, then there is the global


Di Mackey is another English teacher like me, but, unlike me, she takes some pretty amazing photos. I have always loved photographs of people that

Risky business

Blimey, that’s a heavy topic.  Yes, it is.  I end up having to research lots of heavy stuff in my job, but I rather like


It’s quite easy to make things difficult, you know. Then it becomes difficult to make things easy. Just a thought I had.

That soap which is life.

Soaps or soap operas are the bread and butter of the TV industry the world over.  However, when I think about it I’ve known a


I feel sorry for this area and its inhabitants. It sounded as if it had just about got over the last episode of violence. Things


I was a wee bit miffed that I could not email a post to my WordPress hosted blog. Well, guess what? I don’t need to

Do you think in pictures?

An odd question, I know. While I was in hospital with my son, I met another dad who was looking after his small son who

What is Religion?

Just what is religion? Why does it exist and why are some of the main religions having problems these days with a loss in the