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Getting confused

I’ve been preparing some material on sentence composition and managed to confuse myself after trying to understand the difference between adjuncts and adverbials.  Adverbials can

Digicams again

I’ve got it in for Di at the moment!  I’ve decided that the photos that she shoots with her Canon EOS 350d are far too

A little niggle

My mouse, OK it’s a trackball really, sits on my right hand side, but all my program menus, and the tabs for this here WordPress

Paris Hilton

The world, I think, boasts at least two Paris Hiltons – there is the hotel, which is in Paris, France, then there is the global

A plug, again

This is a plug for the next enthralling (uneditied, warts and all) installment of my most probably never to be published/finished novel which you can

Being Accused of Arrogance

I have been accused of being arrogant and self-opinionated, which of course is totally untrue, says he lying through his teeth. The other day an

Accosted, once more!

This time I was accosted by a not unattractive young lady who said, ‘paper’, saw my confusion and motioned her hands around her nose and