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RIP – Lucio Dalla – Attenti al lupo

The late Lucio Dalla was a well known and well liked singer/song writer in Italy.  He made some wonderful music and will be missed.

One of his tracks I’ve always rather liked is this one – Attenti al Lupo – Beware the Wolf.

The track is well worth listening to, and might help you with your Italian too.

It’s a lovely jaunty little number and I love the melody.

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While Attenti al Lupo is not recent, it is regarded as being something of an Italian classic.

Lucio Dalla – Attenti al Lupo


Sadly, Lucio Dalla died of a heart attack on March 1st 2012.  He was 68 and would have turned 69 on March 4th.  He performed right up to his last minutes on this earth.

Rest in peace Lucio (1943-2012), goodbye and thanks for all the music.

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